Secondary Glazing Chichester

Warm up and sound proof your home

Secondary Glazing Installation

Secondary double glazing is a very cost-effective method of thermal insulation and soundproofing for all types of windows and doors.

Each secondary window lines up with your primary window transoms and mullions so that views remain clear and unrestricted and that:

  • The designs allow fire escape access
  • Safety glass regulations are complied with
  • All glass surfaces can be easily cleaned

Secondary Glazing

Supply and fit of standard and 6.4mm acoustic secondary glazing.

Secondary glazing has been designed to be strong, reliable, long-lasting and, especially, very discreet and unobtrusive when installed.

They provide a multitude of benefits, some obvious, some less so. The major benefits of secondary double glazing can be split into four categories:

The Main Benefits of Secondary Glazing

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Sound & Noise Insulation
  • Condensation Control
  • Window Security

Aluminium Finishes

The standard finish for all secondary windows is 60 micron polyester powder coated White Interpon SA 098E High Gloss Finish produced in accordance with BS 6496.

Manufacturing Fixings

Dependent upon the type of secondary window - mechanically crimped concealed solid aluminium corner cleats - or - stainless steel and bright zinc plated screws.


With the exception of tilt-in versions of the vertical sliders - all secondary double glazing comes as standard with 4mm thick clear float glass or 6.4mm acoustic.

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